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About Berkito

Marketing & Business Developement

About Berkito



We are specialized in helping businesses in the areas of sales and online marketing. We do online marketing consultancy services to our partner manufacturer and exporter companies/factories. Our experience enables us to provide strategic solutions for companies facing complex sales and online marketing and digital develpement issues. This web site platfom shows you all kind of storage tanks, oil tanks, fuel systems, vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, gas tanks, cryogenic tanks, tankers, diesel tanks, stainless steel mixers, piping works, insulation works, mechanical solution, pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, screeners, crushers, asphalt plants, stainless steel poles, flagpoles, lighting poles, mobile clinics, mobile hospitals, mobile laboratories, oxygen systems, medica lequipments and all kind steel products. Our partner companies are experienced manufacturers and solution providers with international references but we are not responsible for their products and services. We are also not responsible which you will receive from our partner companies/factories these subjects: Quotations,pices,offers, drawings, specs file, warranty certificates, installation details, analysis report, project reference list, company profile,after sevices, ISO certificates and quality checklist for the proposed projects.


0090 533 317 77 55 


Işık Ülgen

Executive Business Developer


Marketing Professional


Founder Of Berkito

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