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This is a multistage, water cooled high
pressure piston type air and gas compressor. It
is used for compressing and storing air,
nitrogen, helium, argon and gas mixtures
between 4 and 5 bars. TYBK series High
Pressure Gas Compressors are used to fill the
cylinders with gas up to 200 bars pressure
provided that gas is fed to the suction inlet at 4
– 5 barg pressure. The desired filling pressure
can be adjusted between 50 bars and 200 bargs
When the desired upper pressure is reached,
the compressor stops automatically and goes
into standby mode. In these compressors, a
special system is used in the gas supply line
with nitrogen. Critical values like the absorbed
nitrogen gas pressure, flow rate, tightness,
stabilization of the pressure value, etc. are kept
under constant control and periodic
maintenance to be performed once in 2000
operating hours ensures trouble-free operation
of the compressor for many years.

In the product range compressed air gas compressors, electrical gas
compressors. These gases are pressurized up to 200 bars. It is driven by
a crank with 3 types of 100% oil-free, V-type compressor head that
suppresses oxygen gas in 3 stages. The heads are cooled with water at
every stage.
Our heat exchanger is a special combined heat exchanger. In the first
heat exchanger, the exiting gas is cooled with air, while in the second
heat exchanger, the water that coolsthe cylindersis cooled with air.
Piston seals are designed to be replaced within 30 minutes. The average
life of piston seals is 2000 hours.

With our gas compressors suitable for all
kinds of gas, we increase the pressure up to
200 bars.

- 100% oil-free design
-Security standards
-Compact and light
-Low cycle and long service life
-Continuous 24/7 tube filling production
-PLC controlled
It works if the inlet gas pressure is higher than 4 bar. Stops
at the set pressure.
If there is not enough pressure at the outlet, the alarm is